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The Mako Shark has a sweet taste with a dense, pinkish-white flesh and meaty firm texture similar to swordfish. Low in fat and moderately-strong in flavor, some steaks and fillets contain darker sections of reddish meat that have a more pronounced flavor.


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Seafood Market Update    (updated 9/20/2017)
CHILEAN SALMON-  It has been another tough week on the Chilean salmon supply between a long holiday in Chile and weather problems delaying some flights.  Between the problems from Hurricane Irma and the issues this week, prices have crept up on all sizes of Chilean fillet.  We do expect prices to dip back down next week once full production is met in Chile.
CANADIAN SALMON- The market on Canadian salmon has increased also this week most likely due to the price increase from the Chilean market.  Supply has been good though and hopefully prices will return down next week on this also.
SWORD & TUNA- Good week of sword and tuna fishing post-Irma and we have a great supply of fresh caught fish from Costa Rica arriving Thursday with good prices along with them. 
CRABMEAT- The Venezuelan crabmeat market is still shut down right now but the domestic market is starting to see some recovery in supply now that the storms have past.  Thankfully, prices have remained steady during this time and hopefully production will continue to recover.
WILD ROCKFISH- Still no fishing of wild Rockfish yet along the East coast.  We have a steady supply of farm raised Rockfish in house though.
HALIBUT- East coast landings of Halibut have been good this week and prices have dropped to reflect this.  But boats along the eastern seaboard will likely not be able to get out late this week due to high winds and seas so expect prices to rise early next week. 

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